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Car burnt out drivers door loom, now won't start!

  clio 172
Sorry have posted this in a couple of places as wasn't too sure which bit to put it in.

Went to get into my car this morning, pressed the button on the key to open it and nothing happened. Tried again a couple of times and still nothing, so I opened it from the passenger door lock and it stunk of burning wire!

After a few minutes of investigation I found that one of the fuses had blow so I tried another, as soon as I did this smoke poured out of the driver doors from the mirror adjuster switch. I removed this to find that it and the door loom had fried themselves.

I then disconnected the door loom at the a-pillar and re-inserted the fuse. This time the loom seemed ok, so I went to try and start but when I turned the ignition on the speedo buzzed (which I don't remember it doing) and when I tried to start there was nothing!

Has anyone had similar, or got any sugestions. I assume it has also fried the comfort ecu which I am led to believe controls the imobilizer?