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Car got damaged this morning

  RB 182, 1275GT
Was asleep in bed this morning and my mum woke me up and said 'I have something I need to tell you'.
Instantly I though "oh sh*t someone has died"!!! But it turns out it was something a lot less serious.... turns out my dad reversed my car down the driveway this morning and hit a gatepost with the front left of the car :dapprove:

There is a few deep scratches in the bumper about 9inches long and arch has some damage on it too (might polish out).

He was so worried about damaging the car he took it to his work and his mate in the paintshop has taken a look and they might be able to sort it. There is a bodyshop in the village so he is going to take it there and pay for it to be sorted. He feels really bad about it apparently (I haven't seen him yet)!
  182 Full Fat
^^^^ at least it is only the bumper and not main body work. Acidents happen. Get pics up so we can all tell you what we think!
  RB 182, 1275GT
I will try and get a pic later.

Its annoying that its happened because I had taken so much care of the car, parking miles away from other people etc. I feel bad about it because it has been worrying my dad!
  Striped track ****

sure your dad will feel bad its your pride and joy

just have ajoke about it with him t will make him feel better
  clio 1.2 16v
iam sure it will be fine dude

at least ur dad did some thing bout it

my dad reversed mine into the wall in the garage and said "wat happened here these ppl cant drive"

then lata said it was me that done the son sorry
  Abarth 500
my dad tripped over and fell on my car and dented the back wing up badly but he paid for it to be repaired.......i was on holiday so came back in a good mood so was ok about it lol
  LY V6 with Recaros
Ahh, gutted, that's why I don't let anyone drive my car unless I really have to! At least he's getting it sorted out though :)
  RB 182, 1275GT
Yeah true, I am glad he was honest about it (I would never doubt him for a second anyway) but some people wouldn't own up to it.
I might be without the car on Saturday as they may be able to sort it then. At least its driveable I suppose :)
  Golf R/Leon FR
well at least your getting it sorted and it wasnt done by someone else and drove off

hope it gets sorted ok fella
  BMW M3
Sorry to here that. If he feels really bad about it, i would just have a joke with him and not rub it in lol... nothing too serious.

My dad once revered into my old escort even though his sensors were flat lining. lol. Brand new V8 X5 versus 1989 escort. lol... mine was buggered and a scratch to his. He was pissed off at me for parking behind him haha

Hope you get it sorted soon.