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Car keeps cutting out with weird orange light on dashboard!!

  1.2 16v (Race Spec)
My car keeps cutting out when I'm driving and it's getting worrying now, theres a light on the dashboard that comes up which is orange and has like a glowplug symbol with a rectangle zigzag sign above it, only really does it when I'm on a motorway or at higher revs/speeds

It's a 1.2 16v by the way
  K20 EG Hatch
I think this is a common problem with the 1.2 16v, espesh the earlier ones.
Check at the back of the engine there is a square black metal box shape that covers some wiring. If you take that off underneath i bet you it has rubbed through the wires. You can either get that new loom and run it without the cover off or just repair it.

Personally i repaired mine and then pushed the cover back on but with aload of tape round them to stop them rubbing again.

Let me know, would be interesting to hear if i was right :p
  BMW 118d
I'm having the same problem with my sister's clio, see here:

Dan - do you mean this metal box? Remove the green wires, then under them the wiring will be damaged? The engine wiring loom was replaced a year last june under warrenty.

  K20 EG Hatch
no, thats not it mate. I know there is a pic on here somewhere of what i am on about, hang on i will try and find it.
  Leon Cupra R 225
new loom needed, has this on my one, got it replaced under warranty, was an 02 reg 1.2 16v.
  K20 EG Hatch
5: Damaged Upper engine loom. Where the anti tamper cover on the loom connector at the rear of the engine moves and chaffs the cable. So causing poor running stalling etc. Renew the loom and apply a rubber sleave to the cover to stop it happening again.

Just copied that from edde's thread. This is what it was on mine and also my mates.
just rerpiar the loom.

Also for future reference the pic in this thread is of the ABS distribution block.

this is the gay thing that rubs through the loom

  K20 EG Hatch
if ur looking at the block, its at the back, think of the part in his hand but the other way round lol, u cant miss it, seriously!
  1.2 16v (Race Spec)
Just another quickie, I know exactly where that is in the engine bay, but where from there is the loom? Gonna tackle it tonight!!