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Car wont lock

My mum bought my 172 cup from me when i changed cars and now the central locking is playing up. Sometimes it goes through a lock/unlock cycle when she tries to lock the car. I think it might be moisture in there some where but i dont know where the controller for the central locking is located. Any ideas folks?
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i think it is in the pod with the interior light, map reading light etc (above the rear view mirror)
  Dirty E91

I had the same problem on my 206 gti (dont ask), basically they fitted a new soleniod for the central locking, that solved it!

Wheel it into a garage and get them to check it out..., is it still under warranty?

One month left on the warranty. The internal locking/unlocking switch seems to be broken too. Mum says she was driving along and it was locking/unlocking........not so good!