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Car wont start - help!

Car turns over but just wont kick in. All the electrics come on, strater motor seems to kick in but car just wont fire up.

Recently had new ht leads and spark plugs but worked fine for weeks. Tried charging the battery but still no difference, doubted this was the prob as elec seem ok but worth a shot!!

Any ideas?
  Artic 182
Likely your missing spark or fuel, find out which and go from there. If its turning over, it would never be the battery
Find the fuel rail (it's on the front of the engine with the injectors in it) take the hoses off and place them in a bucket and have someone crank it over, if petrol comes out you know that's not the issue!

If you've got fuel you'll then need to check you're getting a spark, to do this borrow a ht lead off another car and replace one of the leads from the coil pack with the borrowed lead, hold the other end against a the engine block and check for a spark when cranking over, try not to electrocute yourself tho lol!
  Clio MK2 PH2
try taking out the TDC sensor and cleaing the magnetic tip of it.. i used emery paper on mine and so far so good
  clio 172/Fabia vRS
Just a thought, but my car wouldn't start the other day. I'd sat in it taking tints off the windows for a couple of hours, when i came back to it the next day it wouldn't start. The starter motor was making a noise, and all the electrics were on radio etc, but no running engine.
A friend had a look, and checked the battery with a volt meter. It was 10 volts and should have been 12 apparently. anyway, bought new battery and obviously once fitted it was all sorted.
I'm no expert, just passing on my experience. As i understand it, if the battery has had it the charging won't help. Worth checking though.
  clio172,nimbus 197
take ure airbox off its under there help by 2 10mm bolts i belive its black with a loom on it going into a slot above the gearbox i think dnt quote me as im new to this i done my the other day
Try using your spare key if you have one, sounds daft but it's worth a go. Is the immobilser light going out once you've turned the ignition on? if not then it's an immobiliser issue.

Does the fuel pump start priming once the ignition is turned on? if it does you'll get a high pitched whining sound from the engine bay.
its not immobiliser - had that prob before!

now ive got a better idea of what im looking for ill try again when its light - thanks.
  Clio RS 172
Just had this problem this morning.. car crancked as it should but would not start.. after a couple of minutes it came to life.. But had the same problem last year, where I changed the battery, but it seems periodic.. I will try and look into my TDC