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carnoisseur discount

Sorry didnt quite know where to post this

Can we get 10% off mail order or is it only in selected stores?

Only reason I ask is coz the Birmingham branch has closed. (SOB)
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You can get a 10% discount from Carnoisseur in Southend who can then send the stuff to you. He normally takes off more than 10% and doesnt even charge for delivery! Bargain


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the bloke from the southend store is the best guy in the world other places should send there staff to him to learn about customer service he is the nicest guy in the world and will help you with ne thing and will find ne thing out for u.

give him a call

he reconises my voice every time i call too.

only problem i have is getting him off the phone he could talk the back legs of a donkey but still a really top bloke :D

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The website is

If you want anything you might as well give the main man at Southend a ring and tell him what your after and hell find it. Like Malice said he really is a top bloke, cant recommend him enough.

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Yer Chris at southend branch is a top bloke. He has saved me many a beer token.


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u can get the carnoiser catalog in some whsmiths i bought 1 the otherday and southend refunded me the money for the catalog when i bought summit from them :D


I blagged a huge discount off my new wheels from the Colchester carnoiseur showing him my cliosport card and telling him we get discount....if ya dont try it..ya aint gonna get it.

got about 100 squis off :)