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cars pulls to the left

hi everyone, my cars been pulling to the left for quite a while now when im going along (not braking) ive had the tracking done twice now and all the wheels have been balanced.

What else could cause this to happen, could it be the cv joint?, as mine does knock when i turn left really sharp and quick.

help appreciated, cheers ryan. :)
  172, BMW 120 Msport.
most cars will pull to the left slightly anyway, (so if you fall asleep etc you wont hit oncoming traffic)

How bad is yours? as if its very slightly that could be why.
Camber of the road can pull the car to the left, you're best finding a flat smooth road or even a big car park to test it. The knocking could be the strut hitting the turret usually cured with the "strut top washers".
  E36 Coupe & Mk4 Golf
might be worth getting this checked out depending how bad it is, could be a worn bush etc
Its pretty bad if im on the middle lane on the motorway with the wheel straight and let go of it it will pull pretty quick straight into the lane on the left, my wheel shakes alot aswell i recon thats because the wheels are constantly wanting to go the other way.