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Central Locking not working - Not key

  Ph2 172 / Mk1 Escort
First post, so be gentle. Basically my central locking isn't working at all, if I press the button on the dash all I can hear is a couple of clicks coming from the glove box area (Relay maybe?) but that's it. When I hit the button on the key fob it primes the alarm but again there's nothing from the central locking.

I've done a search but the only thing I seem to find is about re-programming the key fob or changing the fob battery which in this instance isn't going to help me.

Anyone got any ideas? Dodgy relay maybe?
  Ph2 172 / Mk1 Escort
I'm an idiot. Just had a look at the fuse box and the CL fuse was missing. All working now, apart from the boot. That's still not opening (unless I crawl into the boot and do it manually).