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centre console surround

  Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v

hi, just wondered if there was any easy way to get the centre console surround (the surround which the headunit and fans sit in) out on a mk2 ph1 clio

thanks in advance
  Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v

yeah, that bit!

same story here... i almost forced it off, and i think it is seperate, but secured really well, so would be a dash off job... which i cant be bothered with at all!
  Mk2 Ph1 1.2 8v

yeah sorry, thats what i meant!

ive read through how to take the dash off, and im not sure its worth it... lol

just wondered if anyone knew of any easy-ish way to get it off, would have been useful, lol.

what you planning on doing with yours mate?

Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

Not much left to do to the interior, got some pedals that I still need to put on, silver gearknob and then apart from that console Id have a complete 172 interior. Think Ill just have to leave that bit. What were your plans?