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changing passenger door.

  Audi A3
ive got a scratch from a key along my nearside door. doesnt go over onto any other panels.

now i dont want to get it resprayed because id imagine itd have to be blended in to other panels and it wont be a great match anyway.

i was thinking of just buying a door (just the outer skin) and swapping it over.

would i have any problems doing this in terms of alarm or windows not working etc? is it a difficult job in itself?

  1.2 clio dynamique
I looked into buying an outer skin when i managed to dent my door and found it was alot cheaper just to buy a whole door! All swapped over fine with no issues, however i did have to swap the loom and door card over.

Difficulty-piece of piss, although it makes it a lot easier if you have a mate holding the door while your taking out/putting the hinge pins in.
  330i. E30 Touring.
Lol. Nice easy job.

Buy the door from an identical spec and colour. I'd take doorcard off, replace with yours. Pass lock barrel out, replace with yours.