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Chat room open...... but no-one at home.. :(

Its a quarter to seven..

you all having tea ??.. or thinking about non clio things lol ??..

I will be there for about half n hour.. then Q3 (SOF2) on line.. then beer..


tried to get on but i cant, keep getting re-directed ot the HK police most wanted list!!???
totally lost me!

i hope not!!
i sped past 8 cops tday, testing the new chip...limter now at 7750.....and it screams, never use it though. I think we are getting close to this running lean prob....but were not actually running too lean!

woooooooooooooohhhh !!!

be careful young skywalker.. !

you r running at 37 degrees C......

the air is less dense........

mixture (and hence injector flow rate) is proportional to MASS of air..

you have LESS MASS

your injectors are NOT being flowed to max for the european market.

at 20 degrees, you may WELL run out of map space resulting in a WAY lean mix.

Yer pal.


so you play q3 then captn.

Very intresting.

I run a server called quick death, i run freeze and excessive.

May see you around....?

Rail Guns at 20 paces anyone?


  Shiny red R32

You should have been in the Chat Room last night Captain - David Beckham was there chatting to Jilly

no one seems to use the chat often anymore ive noticed. just talk on here. plus the chat room always screws up and misss lines and stuff!