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Chemical Guys

  clio 182 black /gold
I have just used there trim detailer and what a great product to use and what a result :)
  Octavia VRS
The trim detailer is the only CG product I didn't like tbh! Maybe didn't rub it in properly after applying it tho as it streaked one day it rained.
with the trim gel its always best to rub over with an old microfiber towel and that way it wont streak when it rains
  Fiat Coupe 20vt
It definately works best on tyres rather than trim. When used on tyres though its very very good and IMHO lasts much longer than most other products.
  Hyundai coupe
I done the same on the trim and tyres not a fan of shiney tyres but after applying to trim and tyres rub over with an old microfibre to stop any sling on runs. learned the hard way lol