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Chequer Plating wanted

Where can I find some chequer plating, I need enough to cover the whole of my interior carpet, so quite alot is needed, so does anyone have any ideas also is there different densitys as I need to be able to mould to fit the interior tightly.

If you want the proper alloy stuff, it weighs a ton. your car will be decked with that much in it. If you want the roll stuff, then i bought two a while ago. You can buy both rolls of me if you want.

If interested make me an offer.

I have not got a demon tweeks catalogue with me anyone know off hand how much the roll is and the important measurements, I take it that it is just thinner than the alloy stuff, but still strong enough to cover my interior floor?

There is a company called BACO who do aluminium sheeting in various textured finished, such as five bar plating (standard chequer plate), diagonal checked, fluted sheet or embossed orange peel type effect and it comes in different thicknesses for different designs.

Some start at 0.5 mm, 1.2 mm or 2 mm thick and go up to about 6 mm which would be way too thick anyway!!

Where abouts are you from? Ill let you know your local branch however they may only sell trade which is how we buy...:)



  Shiny red R32

So why not pop up to Wrexham next week and pay Demon Tweeks a visit, as it isnt far from there. They might even have some cool cars in their workshop for you to have a wee nosey at!