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Chip prices

okay u must have seen some posts up on about bb chip, i have realised that bb are now charging the same amount of poppy as a superschip so around the £300 mark.

before thet were charging £175 + VAT which wasnt bad but now they took up the price since that day when they looked at my ECU and told me to come back later.

i just rang up superchip and they told me that they would give me a weeks trail on the superchip and if i wasnt happy they would refund my money so now iam thinking about what to do. my gut is telling me to go with superchip because they have been around for years. but at the same time iam a big fan of bb performance tuning.

i think that we get a 15% discount on superchips anyway.



well the shop at end of road does em for 70p for a small bag and £1 for a large ;)

all prices for current apps are on

£293 not including discount

you might want to try hill power or amd

I have a hill power induction kit with scoop and do like and products and services which hill power gives to customers but i would not let them put a chip in the car because i dont believe u would be able to get as much performance from a hill power chip as a superchip... i might be wrong but i always think that if everyone is charging £300 to get 10 bhp no one would charge half that for the same results as the other chip it just doesnt make no sense economically for that company to charge half. u peeps know what i mean... i think..

anyways has anyone superchiped there clio 16v?

Get your butt over to Sheppard Racing in Colchester. They Chipped My Willy2 for £270 all in. Superchip. Phone number is in the members section and on a post i did here.


All of our replacement chips for the Clio up to 1998 are £150.00 plus vat and have been since 1993. I feel that this is a fair price for the chip which will give gains of around 10%(as does the superchip) Their price for a chip to suit a car of this year used to be £165.00 plus fitting plus vat. We offer this chip to cliosport members at £125.00 plus vat.
  350z & 16v Maxi

I know someone who put a superchip in and he said he felt no difference at all except for the rev limiter being higher. However i dont know if i would believe him of not.

To get the best results the chip needs to be mapped in to take into account the modifications on the car. This is why Unichips give really good results however I understand they have to cut into the wiring loom to fit it.

Other chips can be programmed in place while the cars on the rollers and this again maps to the cars mods and then again some chips have a standard program based on a standard car.
  clio 20v

ive got a unichip sat in my drawer ready to go on, you do have to cut it into the loom but theres only about 9 wires

im gonna fit it when the 2.0l goes in but i want to know can they raise the rev limit with it?

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The superchips upgrade for the 172 and cup simply involves a technician plugging into the Renault diagnostic port and uploading the new enhanced code into the ECU. This will give 182-184bhp which is tempting. Apparently or should i say alledgely Renault cannot spot this code upgrade on their computer systems in the garage as the result counters renault use are not touched, hence maybe the warranty isnt invalidated!!!

Make of this what you will, the only problem is £293 is abit steep for 20 minutes work.

Your comments please as I am still tempted