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Climate control unit

  Clio mk2
Good morning,
This is my first post on here but i have been using the information I've found on here to try and fix my girlfriends heating. The car is a 2004 clio 1.6 16v. So far I have replaced the resistor and checked the fuses and relay by the battery. And the fuse in the side of the dash I've also checked the power supplies from the fuses to the relays and to the resistor and fan unit.

There is a 3 speed fan switch that's been retro fitted next to the headlight adjuster.There are four wired that run from the switch and go to the wiring for the heater resistor the four wires are joined with blue scotch clips. This switch is now starting to fail so I thought it would be a good time to try and fix it properly and not redo what the previous owners done. When we looked at the previous MOT'S it failed one year because of smoke coming from the dash. So I'm guessing this is where it stopped working the climate control unit all works visually but the fan blower will not do anything even with the new resistor pack. So the question is does the actually climate control unit fail or is the fault somewhere else.

Thank you in advance for any help provided