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Clio 1.2 2004 electrical problems

  Clio 1.2 16v
Im having some issues with my 1.2 2004 Clio that I hope you experienced people can help me sort out.
Since I changed gearbox in it about a year ago it has been working great until one day the other week when it started hesitating on throttle and not idling properly.
Checking with the code reader I think I only had
DF025 Flywheel sensor circuit, tooth signal missing
Took out the crank shaft sensor and cleaned it and reset the code.
Starting it up again there was no difference, still hesitating and going down in revs almost dying when idling maybe every 30 seconds. After driving it for a while the check engine light came on and when turning up on the driveway it died and refused to start.
A few days later it started again but had the same issues.
Checking the codes I got
DF207 Upstream sensor signal input, short-circuit to 12v
DF208 Downstream sensor signal input, short-circuit to 12v
DF025 Flywheel sensor circuit, tooth signal missing
Took out the contacts to the ECU and spayed them with contact cleaner. There was some oxidation on one of the pins of the left contact. Put all together clear the codes and went for a test drive while monitoring the oxygen sensors on the computer. As far as I could see they where between 0.3 and 1v.
However after about 1 km the electrical warning light came on and the car went in to limp mode. Revs stuck at about 1200 rpm, pressing the throttle made no difference. Monitoring the throttle signal it was between 10 and 11% even though I had the pedal pressed to the floor.
Made it home in snail speed and read the codes again.
DF207 Upstream sensor signal input, short-circuit to 12v
DF208 Downstream sensor signal input, short-circuit to 12v
DF025 Flywheel sensor circuit, tooth signal missing
DF226 Programming throttle limits, signal incoherence
DF167 Throttle angle sensor, voltage outside tolerance
P0225 Throttle/Pedal Position sensor/Switch C Circuit

Now the stop warning light comes on and the car refuse to start again.

Any ideas where to start here or what the issue could be?
I have removed the loom that have the upstream oxygen sensor, crank shaft sensor etc and it seems to be fine. I don't have the metal cover over the ECU contacts. There was a little bit of chafing on one of the positive leads to the fuel injectors. I will remove the rest of the tape to check the loom.
With this look disconnected the electrical and stop light does not come on when putting the ignition on but the scanner can not communicate with the ECU either.
I guess next thing would be to remove the throttle pedal sensor and check the wiring for that sensor.
Any other ideas?
  Clio 1.2 16v
Removed the accelerator pedal the other day as well as the throttle body and measured the potentiometers.
The pedal potentiometers seems to be within spec
Track1 2.27 kOhm
Track2 1.26 kOhm
Manual says
Track1 1.2 kOhm±480
Track2 1.8 kOhm±680

Throttle body measured
Track1 1.9 kOhm
Track2 3.4 kOhm

Though I can't find any specifications what they should be just that they are reverse which they are. If I move the throttle track1 goes up while track2 goes down.

Also removed all wrapping to the other loom, the one that goes to the white contact under the relays, but could not find any chafed or damaged wires.

Put all electric stuff back together this evening, but can not crank the engine yet.
Orange warning light with the wave is still on, but at least the coolant temp warning light has stopped.
Only have one fault code, something about signal from throttle body not within expected value. Need to check tomorrow more exact.

Is there also a contact under the panel where the wipers are?
Remember seeing something about that during my google searches but can't remember if it was Clio or some other car I read about.

Do someone know if it is possible to test the throttle body in some way?
I guess I can hook it up on the bench and give it 12v on the engine supply pin and then I suppose it should be possible to control the engine on pin 5 giving it +5v pulses?


ClioSport Club Member
Can't help you with the how, but I'm sure it is possible to test throttle bodies, at least on an F4R. A specialist (Diamond Motors) was able to diagnose my TB as at fault with an intermittent limp mode issue. Presumably with CLiP and live data.
  Clio 1.2 16v
Yes, Im sure its possible to diagnose it with CLIP or similar.
I was more thinking if there where some DIY way of testing it.

Car is up and running again since yesterday. Today it has worked without issues. Yesterday it was a bit hesitant sometimes and once ot refused to start and the coolant warning light was blinking. When checking with the iCarSoft I got the DF025 Flywheel sensor circuit, tooth signal missing fault code. After giving the loom some shakes the car started up fine.