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clio 1.2 petrol problem with "power loss"

  Clio 1.2
hello good people so i have a problem with clio 1.2 2001 55kw
i will try my best to describe the problem...
so when i turn on the car and go for a drive it will be normal no power loss or sounding like a Zetor from 1958
and then all of a sudden it starts to cut power and fastest it can go is like 40-50km/h
on the car is changed fuel injectors,sparkplugs,cables that going from coil to sparkplugs and coil.

this is how it works right now


ClioSport Club Member
That's running on 3x cylinders. Unplug the injectors one at a time and see what one you can unplug with no change. Check the wiring to that injector (since you have said you have already changed all 4)

If that doesn't highlight an issue, replace (or swap cylinders) the plug and lead - To rule out a faulty new part. I once replaced plugs, coil pack, leads, injectors and sensors to find out that the NEW coil pack I fitted was faulty in exactly the same way as the one I had replaced!