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Clio 182 (05) - Ordered Bosch Lambda sensor but ebay seller sent a different (fuel parts) component instead


The original advert for the Bosch sensor was very specific saying Clio 182 and quoting correct engine number (F4R 738) and cost £45, but after suppling they said it wasnt compatible but they could change for the correct one at no extra cost. The item is in a Fuel Parts box with LB1677 printed on the side. Does anyone have experience to know if this part will actually fit and work correctly?


ClioSport Club Member
Yes, send it back, at that price get a genuine Bosch part LS 6046 - 0258006046
Fits both front and back, never take any notice of compatibility charts like those on ebay.
Thank you for the replies. I was suspicious when they said the part I originally ordered wouldnt fit, despite the listing title being specifically for a 182, and I didnt realise their offer to 'swap it to the correct Fuel Part unit instead' was going to result in a non Bosch part, which incidentally I can see its possible to buy for only £27, rather than the £45 I paid. What is the correct return reason? 'Doesn't match description or photos'? I see they have a bit bad feedback recently for sending out incorrect parts and telling the buyers they have to pay return postage.


Absolute wetter.
ClioSport Club Member
Yea if your purchase says it was a genuine Bosch and they've supplied that just return it as not as described.
Just an update - initiated the return which they authorised - thought they might be difficult as recent feedback suggests they have been with other customers.

In the meantime I've bought a proper Bosch sensor using the part numbers given above - booked in at the garage on Friday to fit - hope it sorts out the misfire!