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Clio 182 Front Seat will Not Tilt forward - How to Fix in 2 minutes


ClioSport Club Member
If your front seat will not tilt forward when you pull the plastic lever on the top of the seat and you can feel tension - then see the attached to fix it in 2 minutes.

Maybe put this in the Guides section?

If the lever has no tension, then probably a disconnected cable and fixes for that elsewhere on the forum.


  • Clio 182 Fix broken front seat not Tilting in 2 minutes.pdf
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ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182
Do you know how the mechanism works for the forward and back? My passenger seat slides forward and back fine with the lever under the seat, but it won't from the top handle, I'd assumed it was a cable but couldn't see anything obvious with the seat in the car anyway.