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Clio 197 Camshaft Sensor

  Clio 172 Cup.
Hi All

Just a tip for any of you that don't know about the problems with 197 Cam sensors.

I have a 197 Cup, I bought it blind some months ago (sent my lads to get it while I was on holiday), so never drove it. First time i drove it (about a month after having it) i thought this feels a bit flat and nowhere like my 172 or 182. Anyway, entered it in a sprint at Curborough and times were shocking, could get nothing out of it, thought it was me.

Was going to get rid of it, but while browsing looking for tuning for my 172, I read on engine dynamics facebook page that Cam sensors on the 197 are common on these for choking power back, I plugged in and read ECU and there were no codes, but replaced it anyway this morning as they are cheap enough with a genuine Renault one (£62). It has really transformed the car. Can't believe the difference! feel it go now and feels better than my 172 :)oops:).

thought i would share that incase anyone is seeing power drop and don't know why. It seems they are common (according to Engine Dynamics) for not showing a fault up on the dash but being problematic.