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Clio 2005 1.2 16v PAS and AC compressor question

  clio 1.2 16v 2005
Hi all, first post. Just got a Clio II Hatchback (BB, CB) 1.2 16V 75hp, runs well, sounds somewhat agricultural when it starts, but that would be another thread.
Drove about 1000km no problem, yesterday when I started it, I got weird hissing scraping noises from the AC compressor and belts region. Drove a few km. Didn't stop so turned back. Tried the AC but no light on the dash and the AC clutch doesn't engage. PO said the AC didn't work because of low levels??
Read a few threads on the forum about noisy belts etc. they talked about spraying the pulleys with WD-40 and went down this morning to try that. Started it and of course it didn't make any weird noise. Sprayed the AC compressor anyway, revved it a bit and an erratic clicking sound started as well as all the rest.

First question is... has this model got electric PAS? (last Renault I owned was a '70's Renault 5 and that was a long time ago) Can't see a hydraulic fluid tank anywhere?
Second question.... Would simply disconnecting the AC compressor by removing the belt, cause any problems to normal engine operation? There's two belts coming off the crank pulley. One connects to the alternator and the other, via a tensioner pulley I guess, only connects to the AC compressor? No sign of a PAS pump down there or am I missing something? I presume the waterpump is hidden under the covers and driven by the cam belt? (... by the way, how awkward is it to do a cambelt on a Clio?)



ClioSport Club Member
Welcome RödErik,
a 2005 will be electric PAS, everything apart from the RS was electric PAS from PH2 2001 onwards (from what I can remember!, the 1.2 definitely was!)
Yes you can simply remove the belt to the AC compressor and you will be fine with that. They can get a little noisy when they run low on gas in my experience, Shouldn't cost too much to get it leak tested and re gassed if required/possible.
  clio 1.2 16v 2005
Thanks Martin. For now I just need it on the road running. I'll just take the belt off and see if that's the problem. Yes I'll check out the prices for an AC leak test etc.
  clio 1.2 16v 2005
Yes, that cured the noise. Now have to decide what to do about the AC.
If you replace the compressor do you have to empty the system?


ClioSport Club Member
Yes, get it emptied at something like ATS Euromaster, usually vacuum the system for free. Replace the compressor and get it pressure tested and regassed.