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Clio Cup 172 2002 Steering rack.

  Clio Cup 172 2002
Hi there. Graeme here.
Advice needed.
I have a 2002 172 cup, I have had it since new and just over 120,000.
The steering rack has been leaking for some years but as the car hardly gets used it hasn't bothered me too much.
After filling, it normally drains within a month
The car will now be getting used more.
Can the leak be fixed on them?
Are they easy to get to for fixing
Or is it a newer rack I will be needing and is that a big job or can an everyday steering rack garage fix them?
Lots of Questions I know.
Thank you in anticipation.



ClioSport Club Member
  mk8Fiesta ST,172 cup
personally i would take it to a renault specialist and just get them to fit a new one.
  Clio Cup 172 2002
Thanks guys. Its a road car, it will never see a track. I sold them many years ago and bought this one myself in 2002. Lots of money spent on it and loads more to spend. Needs timing belt plus dephaser. Getting two genuine front shocks and springs on Monday. I have replaced the springs but still original shocks. Impressed with that. Still original rears although springs replaced. Ta. Gee.
  Clio Cup 172 2002
Where is the leak? From a line or the rack itself?
Not sure, I had imagined it was the rack that was leaking fluid. Cant see from the top of the engine. Going up on ramps next week for lots of work to be done. I will try and have a look then. Ta. Gee.