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Clio Millage.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mini Cooper S

Was just wondering whos car has done the most miles? (without the engine being reconditioned!) Doesnt really matter how old the car is. Mine has done 93k. (J reg)


  Audi TT Stronic

Currently running at 13500 miles.. phew.. hope she lasts a few more miles..


  Audi TT Stronic

my old pug 205 had 165,000 miles on it.. beat that, and the engine was still going strong.. the gearbox was knacked though

mine still only has 13k on it highest milage car ive seen is one at work an E30 325i with 325,000 on the clock on original gearbox and engine and with no rebuilds under its belt, still ran sweet as a nut
  silver valver/hybrid

company battered volvo 740 estate, with 180k, with about 50k of that bouncing off the limiter i would imagine!

Ive got an a-reg audi 80 here on the farm thats done 371000kms. Still absolutely bomb proof after weeks of abuse in rough fields, the thing just wont break...
  clio williams, Ph1 172

The Civics can do a right mileage though. My mums old civic used to do like 50mpg + as well lol.

also everything bar the alt, water pump, rad and head are original. Had to swap the head, well I didnt but 3 valves bent and I had a spare head. Why did the valves bend? Cos I was a pillock thats why! lol

Quote: Originally posted by JillyB on 12 July 2003
Id say the winner is Girlracer in her 172. ;)

what 4k a year??
  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Mines currently got 108000 miles on it. 1992 1.4RT K reg. Had it since 08/99(Will be posting a pic soon of it) Having the MOT soon, papping it coz it seems to be misfiring on one cylinder. Had leads checked, plugs, distributor, tappets, the lot , cant work out what the problem is. It runs ok at speed but shudders a wee bit on idle, the revs seem to stay at about 1500rpm. I can still get easily 100mph out of it so it must be firing ok at speed. Do ye reckon itll fail MOT? Emissions or what? Cheers.

M reg RSi done 115000. Last 5 Have been with a new engine because it blew up. Why, because i couldnt resist racing a Cav GSi round some fast roads with big roundabouts while it saw really low on oil!

M reg valver 72000

My Nova GTE before it was on 120000, which came to an abrupt end after my accident:oops: though the engine was still strong