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  1. F

    Bizarre thing I found

    Ok so I’m not sure I’m in the right category there, but I found this in my owners documents in the 182 and just wondered what it’s for ?.. Is that some kind of ticket to make another key for free or something ?
  2. B

    First car - Clio 1.2 PH2

    Hello all , This is my first car and my first project , i managed to pick this up for 650GBP in august 2021 with a fresh MOT, 82,500 miles and at the time completely stock , based on its mot history having a sun strip i gathered at some point it may have been considering im also the 8th owner...
  3. T

    Strange Noise When Engine Is Warm

    Hi, first of all i am sorry my english is not good. I have a Renault Clio II K4J. Everything is fine when the engine is cold. but when it starts to warm up, there is a rattling sound from inside the engine. I think it comes from the top of the engine, where the camshafts are. In the sound...
  4. T

    Clio 182 Cruise Control wires

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a Clio 182 that had an aftermarket Turn One steering wheel. I just changed back to original because I'm missing to have a Cruise control, but as soon as I removed the steering wheel I realised the last owner ripped off the black cruise control wires and the...
  5. J

    Looking to build a meglio this winter

    Hello, I am hoping to build a 225 powered mk3 Clio and I am currently looking for the best build threads or guides available here on the forums or elsewhere? I've had a little search but looking for some recommendations. I currently own a stripped, half caged 200 which I adore but want a...
  6. B

    Battery smoking

    I have a clio 197 rs , the battery is smoking and stinks of rotten eggs is this being over charged by the alternator ???new alternator and battery???
  7. S

    Clio mk4 rear spoiler replacement

    Hello my fellow clio sport owners, Recently i jad a little problem with my clio mk4 RS 200, which is that the rear spoiler plastic flew off my car. Now i have been searching far and wide and cant find any place where i can order a new or used part to replace it. Would anyone be able to point me...
  8. D

    Need some help/advice Clio mk3 1.2Tce

    I’m not sure if this is the right place to post for help Today I turned on my Clio mk3 1.2Tce and it took double the amout of time to start. Usually it has been very consistent but now it’s not I tried taking it for a drive to warm up the engine and then try to start it again and the same...
  9. L

    ANOTHER lumpy 172

    Hi all! Hoping for some suggestions on what to check out to narrow down my idle issue. I recently picked up a P2 172 that’s done ~180k kms. Since I’ve owned it it’s had a pretty rough idle, which I’ve heard is common on these cars but recently it’s gotten worse to the point where it stalls...
  10. 1

    Just bought a beauty of a Clio 182 but have a concern

    I have just purchased another Clio 182 and it’s a minter inside and out in black and gold The only thing that is concerning me is the mot sheet for last year would you think this is bad enough to get out of the deal or should I just keep an eye on it, it’s been perfect every year before hand...
  11. C

    To Poly bush or not poly bush?

    I'm stuck between keeping the stock engine mount bushes (upper OSF and dogbone) and putting the poly bush inserts in. Fortunately, the mounts in the car are already in good condition... Just need more opinions and people's experience with having installed.
  12. H

    Nearside low speed vibration

    Howdy all, have myself a clip 172, is lowered a bit and I've just had the timing belt done. Whenever the car is travelling straight at sub 20kmh and you foot it, it seems as if there's a vibration like a stuffed tie rod or unbalanced wheel, and goes away above 40kmh and doesn't return, it seems...
  13. C

    Dog Bone Mount - Good or Bad?

    Hello I’ve been looking into getting an updated dog bone mount, mainly from Evol Engineering to be exact. However... I’ve heard bad things too, especially if every other mount is original/OEM. So what experience have people had with poly/up rated dog bone mounts?
  14. A

    Braking Fault, ABS, Service, Stop and Handbrake lights - electrical issues?

    Hi everyone, having a bit of an electrical nightmare recently with my 2009 Clio 3 GT 1.6. Back in November/December I suddenly started to get mystery battery drains overnight, during the troubleshooting I was disconnecting, charging and reconnecting the battery a lot. During this time once or...
  15. F

    Need GEARBOX info

    Okay so I’be been looking for a gearbox for a while now but I a bit confused as which will fit mine, I know it’s been discussed before but there is something I don’t understand and I can’t find any answers, so I have a 182 2004 so I need a JC5 130 although first question, Could I fit in a jc5...
  16. I

    Clio 172 Cambelt - which one?

    My car is a (PH2) 172 cup with no air conditioning. Can someone drop a link for the correct place to pick up the right items for my car? Everything needed for a full cambelt / aux belt service. Found the right person to do the work for me, just need to gather all the bits! :)
  17. Fowlerboy7

    Is there anyone left in South Wales?!

    Back when I purchased my first 182 quite a few years ago, there were plenty of sports knocking around the local areas by me. Newport etc... I actually can't remember the last time I seen another sport on the road! Is there anyone left in South Wales? If so, we need to organise a group drive...
  18. I

    Quite a bit of work! (172 cup)

    I am looking to have quite a bit of work done at once my car is due a full service including Cambelt, aux belts etc, oil, coolant, etc etc. basically all the usual it’s a 172 cup The car does not have air conditioning I also need brake discs and pads all round (front and rear) being a 172 cup...
  19. J

    2013 Clio Wiring Fault

    Hi, I have a 2013 Clio and I have a few errors, the check engine light is on, anti pollution system, injection sytem and the braking system flashes in fault on & off. I've taken it to two separate garages and they have said it was a wiring circuit but they do not know what one, is this a common...
  20. F

    Wheel lug nuts specs OZ F1 CUP 16

    Hi, So I got some new set of shoes for the car, and went ahead with some 16” OZ F1 CUP ET37 The thing is the guy I bought them from forgot one lug nut I cannot for the life of me find the specs for them, anyone of you got the same wheels and know them and where to buy them from ? I kinda know...
  21. M

    Clio 2.0 Dynamique s

    Hi looking for a replacement engine for my beloved Clio need to fit MK3 any any ideas where I can get one
  22. B

    Looking for a part

    Wanting too put a induction kit on my Clio 1.2 16v but has a rectangular air box, I’ve found the part but it comes with a k&n kit and don’t feel like spending £140 on the kit
  23. F

    Steering 'notchy' turning right only

    Hello! My 172 cup steering has become 'notchy' with intermittent resistance turning right. Left is absolutely fine. It feels very odd. I've recently had the gearbox out, so had the subframe dropped down. My uninformed guess is that the rack might be damaged. Anyone else experienced anything...
  24. C

    Plain Keys

    I recently got a 1.4 clio 2002 reg I have one plain key that does the doors and starts the car and one key blade that again does the same, it's just frustrating having to remember use the lock button on the dash to lock and unlock the boot, I keep seeing about having to program keys for...
  25. M

    Luggage difference ??

    Hello all, I'm new to forum. I'm learning the different Clio models and I saw two different luggage types for Clio 4(2019). In the first photo there is a barrier between rear seats and luggage, so we can't have a flat surface when the seats are folded. In the second photo luggage has a higher...
  26. K

    What rear view mirror will fit?

    So I've had a renault clio 2003 dynamique for a while now and can't seem to find a rearview mirrow I'm 100% will fit. I've got what I think is a sensor pad and has a cap for this so unsure where a rearview mirror will fit?
  27. L

    Mk 3 clio extreme gt special edition bodywork repair

    I have had my mk3 clio extreme gt special edition for nearly a year now and need to get my front bumper fixed. Can anyone recommend a good body shop in the Midlands area as I don't know if it would be easier to get it repaired or look at getting a new front bumper. I have never seen another car...
  28. Asher172

    Driver Side Engine Mount Bracket Bolts. Sizing?

    Hi All, Currently doing quite a bit of work on my engine bay. Powdercoating brackets, general tidy up. Im looking to see if any one knows the bolt type for the driver side engine mounts. Which bolt onto the engine bay. The 4 large bolts. Whether theyre a special renault bolt or if theyre...
  29. S

    Blue Clio (non sport) with white wheels

    Hey, I'm looking to put white wheels (probably OZ F1s 16") on my Clio 2 ph2 with Odyssey Blue color. How is it gonna look, anyone can post a photo? Also going to put clio 2 sport wing, rear bumper and grill.
  30. O

    Body kits for 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v 3 door

    I recently just bought a 2009 Clio 3 dynamique 16v and was wondering if you can just put a bumper,skirts and rear bumper from the gt version on it, also are there any kits out there that complete that type of look? Can’t find anything anywhere about this lovely car!