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Clio Mk 3 Brake Pipes


ClioSport Club Member
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I have asked on the Clio 197/200 forum and thought I would ask over here also just incase anyone has any input or knows what's what.

Im looking to have a mass overhaul of my brakes and brake pipes.

Looking to see if anyone knows how to get these brake pipes as Im wanting to replace mine on both sides.

N/S/F (Passenger Side) Brake pipe is black and in the first picture

O/S/F (Drivers Side) Brake pipe us green and in the second picture

N:S:F Brake Pipe.png

O:S:F Brake Pipe.png

When looking on the Renault parts system the part numbers are both the same but there is no price against it so they are possibly N/L/A

Here is the info I have on these pipes -

N/S/F Tube Brake ABS - 462108892R (Item Number 2)
O/S/F Tube Brake ABS - 462108892R (Item Number 1)

Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 18.17.52.png
Screenshot 2021-01-31 at 18.18.13.png