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Clio MK2 - no spark. Need advice

  Clio MK2 1.2 16V

New here so I hope for some help because I have seen many helpful threads here with good answers.

Has a Clio MK2 1.2 16V from 2003 (D4F 722) which suddenly just died in the middle of a roundabout.
After this, we never got it started and what was first suspected: the crankshaft sensor made no difference when it was replaced.
Neither the fuel pump runs nor the ignition pack receives power (more than a glimp). The immobilizer works and lights up as it should: flashes without a key, LED lights up and goes out after a few seconds when you turn on the ignition and it's cranking as it should.
However, the rev meter does not move during a start attempt.
I've been debugging for weeks now and do not know what to do.

Have checked with two different OBD readers with three different programs and no error codes are found but the strange thing is that it constantly shows that the rev is 256 rpm when measuring livedata.
Have measured all 12V supplies and ground to ECU and UCH.
Have opened these two and studied the electronics and both PCB's look good, no bad solder or traces of moisture or burned components.

Have checked all relays and fuses, measured and tested them even outside the car and changed places on them.
The relay sockets look good and there is 12V and earth there and the large white connector below all relays is OK.
The ignition pack is measured and all values are 100% correct.
Has opened up the loom from the relay box that goes over the gearbox and the cables look good.
Have measured all important cables between ECU, UCH, ignition pack and relays that should have to do with starting and ignition and all seem OK.
Have checked with an oscilloscope that there is traffic on the CAN buses (L / H) and the resistance is 60 ohms between the end points.
Battery is good and charged (have three).
Bought a cheap Renolink reader on ebay together with the software ver 1.87 and neither does it find anything wrong nor something strange but it is "OK" everywhere (everything is in French though so it is a bit difficult to understand some views). It also thinks that the rev is always 256 rpm.
Unfortunately I do not have access to Can Clip and a garage takes £ 150 just to read out error codes and I have no desire to pay for that.

I suspect ECU (Siemens SIM32 8200454467) or UCH (Sagem UCH-N3 P8200387290) but want to be able to get it confirmed before I start hunting for parts and it is still a bit illogical that they just break just like that or without leaving a trace. UCH is the latest version with protective varnish and I'm pretty good at electronics but see nothing in it that looks shady. The car is not worth that much so I do not want to spend too much money on it but it is quite nice otherwise and a shame to scrap.
Theoretically, the engine behaves as it does when the immobilizer is active except for one thing: it cranks and everyone says that if it has paired the key correctly, you can exclude the immobilizer. Have two keys, both have been tested.
Have thought a lot about the error and I think that UCH gives OK to the ECU to start but it does not send the signals needed to the fuel pump and ignition coil. But ... then there should be error codes to read, shouldn't it?

And before anyone mentions it: the timing belt is OK and there is compression and but there should be spark even without the timing belt. This engine has no camshaft sensor. All electricity in the car otherwise works down to the smallest lamp and it has never been a problem before when it comes to electricity. The MIL lamp is off and has never been lit. There is also no fuel shut-off switch on the MK2.

Any ideas of how to proceed?
  Clio MK2 1.2 16V
Have checked the loom but have not found anything strange, most of it is now cut up and checked. Only one goes behind the engine to the ABS. Besides this, individual cables have been measured. But regardless of this, there should be error codes, right?
  Clio MK2 1.2 16V
With all respect: is that a conclusion based on your own experience?
Some people say that they think this is a simple error, like a broken cable. But where?
There is one loom going just back of the engine that goes to the throttle house and coil pack. Then there is another, thicker one closer to the compartment that goes to the ABS-module.
  Clio MK2 1.2 16V
It seems like the Throttle unt is defective, giving permanenet error DF216.
Could this really cause the ECU to not giving any spark? MIL is also flashing red and the yellow lamp for electronic failure is on. Immobilizer LED is off
  Clio 12. 16v 2005
Hi BKV22
I might have Similar. Problems.
I have Got one of those cheap 1.87 OBD from ebay Half french half English See Pics.
I do Hope you haven't scrapped ithe clio yet. This type of fault is the thing that gets some of the most determined people to scrap a car with what is possibly a cheap fix.
I STILL have a Fault where what seems to be a total UCH shut down , under certain conditions ( MY ENGINE IS NOW RUNNING). It was the cRANK SENSOR.
Its not the whole story .
It seems that the modules get confused info and reset or shut down.
I would like to go into depth with all the things I have read and tried but it is not easy to determine what the software dose and how different module control each other. Not intuitive!
. ie Alternator o/p voltage sensing before lights switch on or steering motor is activated.

I bought this obd software the swap out the UCH I have heard but i don't know exactly why but it can as in your case stop the ECU from running the engine .
Not necessarily immobilizer.
If you could speak french you could activate the Throttle with the software.etc
I was an electronics technician and I do know that the little 8 pin EEproms on all equipment loose their memory , also can bus on uch capacitors go leaky etc.
Causing all sorts of Spurious and Random symptoms
I am told that You can use Ren~~link 1.87 to reprogram your UCH or reprogram a scrap one.
I could go on forever.

I will get to the bottom of this I am getting there, and I hope to help other Clio owners with this Mine field.

Please tell me what you think.
Good luck.



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