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Clio mk2 won't start

Hi. My Clio mk2 1999 has been intermittently cutting out every couple of months when braking (usually on approach to a roundabout) but always restarts. Three days ago it wouldn't start in the afternoon when leaving home. This time fuel cut-off switch was down and resetting it it started immediately. Yesterday it wouldn't start again (though day before it had been fine) - hitting the switch worked this time. This morning it wouldn't start again. Hitting switch made no difference. Did a bit of rewiring to bypass switch and it still wouldn't start. I've checked that the immobiliser light goes out when ignition is in position 2. I also bought a new battery less than 6 months ago. Any other ideas?
Nope! - Turned out it was the crankshaft sensor. Ended up calling out recovery vehicle who took it to garage and charged me a fair amount. Obviously found a YouTube video on how Common and simple to fix this problem is! Doh!