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Clio mk4 1.6 turbo EDC whining / clicking type noise

  Clio 172 Cup
Hi guys,

After thoughts on the following, from anyone with experience of these MK4 RS's please!

My Renault Clio 1.6 Turbo Mk4 RS EDC (2013 plate on 61k, Getrag 6speed auto box) has developed a whining/grinding/subtle clicking type noise when driving. It came on just 4days ago, fairly suddenly, though has progressed since. It's any gear, you hear it from about 15mph up to about 55mph and less so thereafter (prob drowned out by road noise). At 40+mph it's like a whine, at lower speeds it's a little different, with a clicking/grinding type sound to it.
Pressing the clutch in doesn't change the sound (nor does Turning ignition off on the move), nor changing gears. Turning slightly left on a straight road does mute the noise (though I've had it in a carpark going round in circles and it's not observably louder when going in either direction, like I might have expected with a wheel bearing). It's a constant noise that increases/decreases pitch with road speed.

Changes gear with no issues and no clutch slip and no vibration through pedals.

I had the wheels and brake pads out earlier, and got the wheels moving whilst on stands, and put a stethoscope on each hub. The front left (gearbox side) is making a grinding kind of noise, whilst the right isn't. Stuck it in the end of the gearbox couldn't hear that noise. So seems some things pointing to wheel bearing (or driveshaft/CV joint!?), but others (god I hope not) to gearbox bearings.

Any help or thoughts, much appreciated. I've just spent a chunk on this with a Body control module issue and really worried this may be another big issue.

Aberdeenshire based, so quite a lack of decent garages with know how on these cars that I'm aware of.



ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
Get it in the air and spin the wheels. You’ll soon hear if it’s wheel bearings. I changed all 4 of mine at about 100k.