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Clip setups


ClioSport Club Member
I think it’s time I started to consider getting some form of diagnostics setup for the garage. The clio is running absolutely brilliantly, but at some point we all know that a 16 year old clio is going to throw up the occasional fault. Also I would like the ability to run the ABS system for bleeding as well as code out airbags etc.

I have for sometime been RS Tuner curious, but hear all sorts of horror stories about the chap running the business. So I am between two minds.

1) I get an eBay clip module and a 32 big laptop, but understand that these can be unreliable and a bit of an art to get working.
2) buy an RA tuner with both airbag and Abs modules, what else do I need to run that? Any specific laptop requirements? Is there anything the RS Tuner misses that Clip provides?

I guess what I’m after is the easiest/most reliable point of entry to a diagnostics system for my clio.

Would welcome feedback for a simpleton