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Coilover Help. Rebuild Or Replace.


ClioSport Club Member
Evening all,

I'm at a bit of a loss on what the best plan of action is, My 182 has a set of SpaxRSX coilovers including the full rear coilover type. When I was last under the car the adjusters started going a little stiff, and they're a few years old. And occasionally knock on hard right cornering, So I opted to have them Refurbished, I've since spoke to spax who quoted me 70each + vat for the fronts to be rebuilt but they're unable to do the rears "they're peined, so unable to be rebuilt". And they won't come back painted and all nice and fresh either. So it'll be a case of having the fronts done, but they'll still look old, and then purchasing the rears new off them.

He has said he will use his staff discount to get them me cheaper which is decent of him (if needed, which I assume will be as the adjusters are tight)

Has anyone upgraded from Spax, to something else of the similar value and found to be better?

I see my options as, rebuild the fronts and leave tatty, and have new rears.

have a complete new set of the same ones and hopefully be able to use the chaps staff rate. (I haven't asked him yet the price)

or switch to a different brand.

I have Pure motorsport top mounts and brace so need something to be compatible with them.

The car is a track car with very minimal road use, (a quick blip every month to keep things moving)

Recommendations and links hugely appreciated. I know of Kam but haven't messaged yet as I'm unsure which to go for.

Many thanks!


ClioSport Club Member
Budgets ideally This side of a £900/£1000.

I was a bit disheartened for them to not even come back painted and all fresh.

BC's have the spring and Shocker separate at the rear don't they? This make a difference for mainly track?


ClioSport Club Member
BC's have the spring and Shocker separate at the rear don't they? This make a difference for mainly track?

The 182 was never designed to run coil over shock at the rear, I've always felt like kits that allow this are a solution to a problem no-one ever really had.


ClioSport Trader
  Badass Toyota
The only real benefit of full coilovers on the rear is the ability to easily increase rear spring rate and still have good ride height control.
For racing the rear does need to be a lot stiffer as the standard chassis has a great tendency to understeer. I run 600lb rear springs on my 182