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Colour coding etc

I want to get my door handles/side strips colour coded to my bodywork, theyre currently black plastic (gets scratched too easily)

Can anyone recommend anyone that can do a good job on this in the Midlands area? Also, any idea on roughly how much this would cost?


  Lionel Richie

Where abouts in the midlands???? I know a place in Solihull where i am (there are quite a few in bham)
  Lionel Richie

Well have to meet up sometime!!! I was in Leamington yesterday ill get you some phone numbers for the bodyshops near me

Fred, why dont we try and organise a meet around here somewhere soon? itd be good to meet some of the locals.

Oh, and ta for the offer of help at the weekend, got it all done, handles great now just gotta got other things done