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colour coding...


ClioSport Club Member
ive got a black 3 door clio, ive got my calipers and drums painted red, on standard dynamique alloys, im thinking about painting my side runners, to make my car look different to others around here, my first clio had silver runners, looked nice, but if i did them red would they suit the car?
ive also thought about painting my renault 'diamonds' front and back, should i do these the same red?!

would this affect selling it too much aswell?

need some good advice!

if anyone is good on photoshop, could they do them red so i can see how it would look?

im also thinking about powdercoating my alloys, not sure what colour...

was thinking i could do them a certain colour, and then matching the colour to the side runners and then repainting calipers and drums to suit, ideas anyone?!?!
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  Chocolate Bar™
if your referring to the side strips then i would only paint them black and do the '16v' badges in red with the front badge. painting the entire strip red would look pants imo, and would mean you'd have to repaint it black before you could sell the car.