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Connecting 3rd Brake light Please help!


Please could anyone who has connected up a 3rd brake light to their car (mines a mk1) please try to give me some instruction on how to do it, as im completely clueless at the moment!! :oops:

If it is of any help the wires are coming down from a badgirl spoiler. Ive routed them through, and i think i have any necessary connecting stuff.

Any help much appreciated, thanks a lot.
  Abarth Grande Punto

just bring them down from the badgirl spoiler and wire them up to the brake light on the cluster. You have to know a bit bout electics!

How do you mean wire them up to the brake light on the cluster? Is it simply a case of finding the right two brake light wires, and joining them somehow??

Alright Jon :)

As it happens i did this exact thing on my mates mk1 clio a few years back.

Basically you find the brake wire in the wiring loom that connects up the rear light cluster. You can use a multimeter to find out which one is the brake light wire (i.e. check for a current when someone puts the brake pedal down). Once you have found the correct wire, get a block which allows you to connect one wire to another one(cant remember what they are called, they are normally blue, open in half and have a ridge for the original wire to run through and one for the new one, there is then a metal spicey thin that comes down to cut the sheath surrounding each wire and make the connection)

Once you have done that hook the earth up to the eachthing point(seem to remember its located really close to the rear clusters,maybe behind them) and then it should work.


Thankyou very much Jon, that is a great help! Ill go and have a go in a bit, when it stops raining!! Cheers.

P.S. I still keep finding mud inside my car, no matter how much i clean it!! ;)

I know tell me about it. I have got most of it off i actually took the dashboard out and washed it with fairy liquid and water:confused: Still got to clean upthe mud that seemed to get inbetween the door and the front wing :( Oh well its winter now, ill have to wait til it get hot enough for me to do a spring clean :D Good luck with the brake light. If you need any more help msn me if youve got it">

Hmmm have just looked in the haynes manual, if you look at the wiring diagram for the exterior lighting- stop-lights and direction indicators, it tells you what wire the brake light one is. Just incase you dont have it, it should be the 3rd wire away from the side that wiring it to.i.e. if its the left cluster, it should be the 3rd wire in from the right. And its Brown:D
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The blue thingy that was being described is known in the trade as a Scotchlock. Or a bodgelock in other words, but it will do the job for what you want. Just find the wire that supplies the 12v when you touch the brake pedal. Chop into this with the scotchlock and run this wire up to the 3rd brake light. From the terminal on the other side of the 3rd brake light run a wire to a handy earthing point.