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  Damage repaired
ye..that was around the same time i thought about peeling my sack with a potato peeler and then dangling it into a bag of salt.....Both ideas sound as good as each other..:S
I don't want to do it, just seems like a laugh. I was thinking about the top gear espace.
  liquidized RacingBlue 182
i was gonna say i seen one before but after thinking for 30 secs i relised it was a convertible COSRSA, lol, it was on e bay!!!! looooked HARSH!
  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
There was an article in 'Auto express' last year that said Renault were considering a Clio Convertible to be put into production by the end of this year. I have not seen any articles since about this so I am not sure if Renault are actually going to do this or not.
I will get Hubby to search through ALL his darn Auto Express mags to see if he still has the one with the article in, as I think there may have been a pic as well. If he finds it I will scan it in and put it up.