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Conviction Code - Help!


Thanx for the replies, its SP30 am lookin for. The Bizzies caught me when a wernt concentrating! a was hardlys drivin dangerously anyways. 53 in a 40. I was soooo sick. He said the residents had been complaining, shame that I am a residident.
  Lionel Richie

I got SP30 for doing 75mph through a 50zone on the mtorway (i was getting shoutted at by my ex at the time!!!)


  Audi TT Stronic

bollox, what were you doing that warrented that ?

you dont have to tell me if you dont want too, just curious.

Well...... I was in the sticks, I used to be a field engineer. Waiting in traffic lights for road works it was red then this car went past me through the red lights and turned right.... The lights went green i caught him up and flashed my lights and "waved" at him... He slowed right downto about 5-10 mph it was only a road width for 1 car bacause the road works.... I thought he might get out so i mounted 2 wheels on the curb and went past him on the curb then went back on road...... Turns out this was a diddering old tossa who should not even be driving because in the court he couldnt even raise his hand to hold a picture and he kind of stumbled into the court... He went to old bill with some right (road captin) w**ker behind me and it all happened from then.... I even took it to a crown court because i thought it was such a load of b****cks