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Corrado VR6 2.9 your thoughts....

  CTR EK9 turbo

Im thinking of getting one of these 190 bhp beasts......anyone know anything about them? cheers in advance, Si

Go for the Storm if you can find one, stronger residuals, better kit. Do not touch one that even looks like its been painted, they dont hold up to well in front enders, tends to do the steering and all sorts, this you will tell when you drive it. All Karmann panels BTW, horrendously expensive, front bumper, £500!!!!

Longevity not a problem with vee-rheinmotor, go for ages, dealer or specialist history essential. Driveshafts a weak link, like I say get an inspection from a specialsit in the back of VW mags, its totally worth it, as with these cars (and the golf) if it looks expensive it usually is, very.

Beware of tarted up standard VR6s, they have slightly less power and kit. Storms only came in two colours, Mystic Blue Pearl and a Metallic Green.
  320d M Sport

Not a VR6..........but my mate has a G60, thing is breaking down on a daily basis now, always stupis stuff eg batt, alternator, Im not convinced by the "legendary" VW build quality........

Think VR6 is a totally different machine though....?


Well said, technicalman. I had two Corrado VR6s back in 96 and 97, the first one had a serious problem, and I traded it in for the second one, an N registered car.

The Storm had aircon and usually cream leather, as well as a slightly different wheel design. Otherwise the same car.

Fantastic chassis, even by todays standards, with plenty of adjustability and lift off oversteer! The engine is very "torquey", which can provide for lazy driving( ie the opposite to the Type-R experience! ). Performance wise in a straight line, they are, if fit and well, very fast, with 30-70 times in the region of 5.7 seconds.

They are great on the Motrorway, very quiet, with a good ride, but headroom is limited, and dont think about using those rear seats!

The VR6 is quite economical for a big V6, expect a good 25 mpg overall.

They have weak release bearings and clutches, by the way.

All in all, a fantastic car.

Good luck!:)

They also did a run out highline model which was identical to the storm but had mulberry leather trim and came in this rude mettalic purple colour, on 96N/96P plates. Barringtons of chesterfield have one at mo, snip under 10 grand, pricey but its a minter if they have it for sale, they dont touch the sh*te.

my golf VR6 was a Purple Highline :)

(golf highlines were only in black or purple)

my mate used to have a "storm"

cool cars... i like the little spoiler that comes up at a certain speed... fairly pointless but very cool all the same....

yes... low inside... made it feel a lot more "sporty" than my golf....

finding a lowish mileage one seems to be tricky these days tho....