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Correct Service Manual

I now have a last a service manual for my car. Its taken all of 8 months of several telephone calls and various letters to Motorpoint get me one.

The problem is I still dont think its correct. I have a very generic looking book with a page of service vouchers that the dealer stamps at each service. I dont have any info in the manual to relate it to my car, eg dealer stamp, chassis No, supply date etc. nor is there any page in there for this info. All of this info I had in the service book for my Megane. There is nothing to relate this book to my car so it could therefore be used on any car!!!! I know all of the servicing info is stored on computer that should be accessible from any Renault…….do the books have to relate to the car nowadays????

Have I been given an incorrect book and should I have been given a book specific to my car? Motorpoint say that they are generic for all of the Renaults now and dont contain car specific info. What are your service books like for your imported Clios? Do they contain car specific info?

  Skoda Fabia vRS

if they wont give you one, id get down to Renault and have them make a page up for your specific car and then get them to stamp and name and sign it from a manager, at least then it will look proper if you come to sell
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mine (UK supplied) has a bit of paper (computer printout) glued inside the front cover. It states the chassis number, radio code, build date etc. Thats the only thing that specifically relates to my car. Its a generic Renault book - covers all models.

or, get a rubber stamp made... (Plenty of places in exchange n mart)

then stamp your service book at will lol....

its been happening for donkeys years,, thats why receipts mean something, a full dealer service history, errr, doesnt...

just a point to ponder...... (tricks of the trade ya know...)