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corsa vxr recaros

  Audi TT 3.2
how much do you think these are worth?
they are in mint condition, its just im thinking of selling my car and if i did i would sell these separatly!


Cheers George
  Audi TT 3.2
yeh they are pretty much the same as the 197 recaros! might just stick them on the bay and see what they go for!
  500 Twinair
To buy new, they are bout £1500,Recaro cs sportser, not including subframe, plus the vxr seats are better cos they are part leather where the cloth has been wearing and ripping, big problem on the 197's


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ClioSport Club Member
Someone with a corsa (non vxr) would snap them up mate.

Not as pretty as renault recaros tho.
The sportsters after market are quite pricey, I've been looking to buy a set for a while but in leather.

I'd be interested if your selling..
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Want to sort a group buy? If I can get some decent frames (I.E. some that mean I don't have to duck to sit down in the car) then I'll be after some...
  type r civic
just looking about. are the corsa vxr seats straight bolt in or is there modification needed ;)
cheers adam
  Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup
would just need recaro runners to fit a clio. i think there is a guide in here which shows you how to use origional frames, but its not the sfest option