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Cost of my baby

Evening folks, just want someone to confirm something for me, was speaking to some guy at my work today and we were discussing motors and he asked what i had paid for my 2003 1.4 16 Dynamique, told him £8390 which included metallic paint and he says i over paid by £500, i reckon he is talking crap but he says that as i paid outright ie no finance or that i should have got them down to at least £8k.......Is what i paid a fair price? Car was ordered in for me so it wasnt like it was sitting around forecourt.

whats it matter as long as your happy...youd pay a hell of a lot more if you had finance. Think I detect a touch of jelousy maybe?? Enjoy your car and welcome :D



If you are happy with the car then who cares. You cant go worrying about stuff like that. The guy at work is probably just trying to wind you up. Just enjoy your nice shiny new car :) Im sure I could have paid less for the alarm I had added to mine, but to be honest I dont care. The car puts a smile on my face everytime I get in it and thats all that matters, as thats why I brought it. :)

I dont know if thats a fair price or not, but if its a main dealer you can always talk them down a little. I managed to get £1k of a CTR. Still didnt buy it though.

I do no that if you take finance they are more likely to discount the car more as they make far more on finance deals than cash sales. At least thats what one dealer told me when I asked what hed do for cash. He said I can do better if you take finance!!!

Actually you underpaid and got a good deal!

I always quote Auto Express (because its to hand because I have it on subscription) so I wont change the habit of a lifetime

They show the list as £9095 and their "Aim to pay" price is £8468 and seeing as you mentioned metallic paint, I doubt its standard. Therefore you paid under their aim to pay (which most dealers cant match for the 172 - I tried!) AND got metallic paint

Hes talking out of his backside like most people who think they know a bit about cars do!

You paid a fair price - be happy with it!