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Couple of spots in Brentwood to Harlow...

  182 Racing Blue, Recaros
See a Inferno 182, Blue 172 and an Albi Blue 197 near brentwood high street this morning about 8ish.

Then see a Black 182 on the A406. Any of you on here?
The albi might be RDP ? I saw him on the high st once (before he was on here iirc)

- I do the high st at 2mph lol !

- I also mentioned on here to Deb about her giving you a shot of her car, dayinsure ftw etc ;)
  182 Racing Blue, Recaros
Actually i forgot RDP came from brentwood thought i recongised the plate!

Not a bad idea with a day insurance actually, dought she'll let me have a go still as i'm apparently to heavy on the accelerater!