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Crankshaft sensor

  clio sport 182 cup
Hi can anyone tell me how to clean the crankshaft sensor on a Clio 182 how easy is it and what tools will I need thanks.
  182 FF, saxo vts
It's a cylindrical piece of plastic with a metal rod running through it looks a bit like an electric battery. If the metal tip gets dirty or corroded it can't read the pulses properly. So some degreaser would be advisable. Not sure if a wire brush will damage the sensor but I doubt it. Just remove your air filter and look down at the top of the gearbox where it meets the block. You'll see a banana shaped piece of plastic with afaik 2 x 10mm bolts holding the sensor onto the block. Easy to do once you locate it.

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  clio 182 cup
is this because of a problem youve encountered? i doubt cleaning it will sort it, becides, it should never get dirty, as the pickup for this is on the flywheel, outside of the engine, unless youve got a big oil leak, the sensors on top of the box, but its abit more naughty than the smaller engines, they fail for fun these things, causing bad starting, and sometimes poor running too, the same crank sensor is on nearly all petrol renaults sinse shep were a pup, but the connectors did change, if it needs changing, the choice of two connectors will come with the new unit.