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  Mini Cooper S JCW

i went to look at a clio today and below is wot happened.........

i got about half way there, near alton towers, and i rang the bloke up like he asked, at about 9:30, neway he goes, oh iv sold it!!! im like wot the f**k, i told u i woz coming and uv sold it!
he said , well i said ring me in the morning, and im like what do u think this is!! :(
neway i woz well pissed off so i turned back :(

to make things 10 times worse, i woz coming back along the M1 south, and this saab is sitting on the outside lane at 100, and no other cars in the lanes, so i woz sitting behing him for about 3 mins and thought, f**k it, and i undertook him.
soon as i pulled back infront of him, on came these blue flashing lights in the grill and head lights coming on and off............
i woz like oh sh*t, and about crapped my pants :mad::mad::(

i hit the breaks, pulled pulled into the inside lane, let him past me thinking, hes gonna pull along side and point for me to pull on hard shoulder......
neway the nob just flys past me and does nuffin:mad::mad::(

i think it woz some nob of a guy playing a trick as he werent in uniform or nething, man it proper sh*t me up tho!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::(
  Mini Cooper S JCW

do cops in undercover cars have to wear uniform??? i thoguht they had too!?!

also should i be waiting for the postman for a big fine and 6 points??!! :confused:

hee hee.. look m8.. it was either an Ambulance officer.. or Fire Officer..

they were simply telling you to back off...

I think, that it was probably fair...

It worked though..... didnt it lol ???

Joe. (Ex, Ambulance Officer !)
  Mini Cooper S JCW

yeah it worked lol!! werent funny at the time, i saw my licence quickley dissapearing b4 my eyes at the time !!

If it was a copper, the speed limit applies to everyone. So bombing along at a ton in the outside lane is still not allowed - bobby or not!


  Shiny red R32


You are probably right. A friend of ours is a Fire Chief and he has blue lights in the front grille of his car, for when he has to get somewhere quickly and there is a lot of traffic about.

Probably someone like that trying to tell Marc that he did a very stupid thing by undertaking!:cry:
  BMW 320d Sport

Its everyones right to undertake - if the person driving in the overtaking lane isnt actually overtaking, or isnt likely to get anywhere near to the car theyre supposedly overtaking (thats a quarter of a mile in front in the slow lane).

I think sitting in the fast lane, holding up faster cars, when youre not even close to needing to overtake anything, is a pretty obvious sign that either:

a) you have no awareness of your surroundings and other drivers around you

b) youre doing it on purpose to irritate other road users

c) you have no lane discipline

d) you have no idea of the capabilities of your car and cannot judge how long it will take you to get to that car you want to overtake over there on the horizon

Whatever the reason, if you drive like that you should be off the road. Take the bus. IMHO of course!
  Mini Cooper S JCW

i agree it woz a bit recklace in undertaking him, but there woz 2 empty lanes, and the guy woz sitting there at 100mph or so doing nuffin, i had my lights on so its not like he didnt see me!

oh well i hope iv got away with it, as i woz thinkin, if he woz gonna do nething he should have pulled me over there and then! fingers crossed as i WANT A VALVER!!!

unlucky about the valver, sh*t happens to every one, anyway you will probably get a better one, for a better price, keep plugging away you will find the car you want :)


  Shiny red R32


Hopefully it wasnt a policeman with a video camera on his dash that you undertook!

I think that this manoevre would be dangerous, if the stupid driver hogging the outside lane, suddenly decided to pull over to the left lane, where you were, without looking in his mirror, causing him to crash into your car.