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  Mini Cooper S JCW

i know im a newbie on here and aint got a clio yet, but i woz on my way to go possibly buy one on saturday til i found a corner which disagreed with my escort big time......

i escaped with a broken collar bone.....quite lucky really.....

sorry this aint a clio.............but ne1 interested in anything........let me know.



PS im still after a met black 94 + 16v clio

Disagreed! Thats a bit of an understatement. Was anyone else in the car except you? Surely anyone in the back left seat would be dead now! What happend?



  Shiny red R32


Thank goodness you are alright. It looks as though you were lucky to get away from that with just a broken collar bone! That must have been really frightening for you.

I see that your number plate matches your Cliosport user name which is cool, also your wheels look very nice. You should remove them before someone else does, as they look OK.

Hope you find the car you are looking for and hopefully your insurance company will offer you enough money to pay for it!

  Mini Cooper S JCW

thanx people, yep i am 1 lucky lad!!!! i realise that now! deff gonna be a changed driver (with people in the car neway!!)

no lucklly i woz alone in the car, else it would be a diff story i think, below is what happened....i have copied and pasted out a diff board......


right im typing this with a broken collor bone.

i woz on my way to standsted airport to go buy a clio, i woz meeting the owner half way.

about 10mins away from my house i came across a corner which disagreed with me big time!!!!

i woz abourt a quater into the corner when the back end started to loose it, so i tried to correct it when (i think) the rear drivers alloy collapsed and send me spinning backwards where i flipped on my roof in a ditch!!

i managed to get out the backwindow as the doors wouldnt open as i woz on the roof!!

neway i woz picked up by an ambalance and then to a&e, where i got xrayed, and told i had broken collor bone.

so im carless , 1 armed and still in shock......


ps. i wll get some pics on monday when the garage is open.
  Mini Cooper S JCW

and the car is now being brokendown and sold in parts........its on my drive at the min, the neighbours got a bit of a shock when they seen it!!!

if u know ne1 that wants parts off an your lad! ;)