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Creeking noise..

Evening all.

The clio is making a creeking noise to the N/S front at low speed and noticed it does it when on full lock.. also on full lock it seems to be catching something.. not entirely sure if it actually is but thats the impression its making..

It doesn't knock when going over bumps etc just the creeking.. any idea what they may be before i start spending money

Appreciate it guys.
  172 cup
catching on the metal bracket that joins bumper and wing mabye/

have you lowered your car could be knackered shocks?
Gave it a bit of welly on motorway on way to work today and noticed that it gets louder the harder i drive.. could also possibly be coming from the engine rather than the N/S front.. just cant pinpoint it and its getting annoying.. took it to a garage they couldnt see any problems but its definitely there.. hoping someone on here with a fresh perspective might shed some light??