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Cumbria/Surrounding Areas Meet ** PICTURES **

  Italian 3.2 V6
Awesome day out! loved it and Great driving!! love chasing the Trophy! ;) living on the edge ay BenG haha!

Cheers to all who turned up and BIG thanks to Beng who organised the run and route and was leader!

Awesome day out! cant wait for nxt run out!

  Clio 182 Trophy
Cheers Piers!
I love chasing the Flamer, its like a sling shot out of the bends, the H&R's are working a treat ;)! Its safe to say that bravery was tested on a few occasions.
The route was Awesome, would definetly do it again !



ClioSport Club Member
  Focus ST225, Focus E
P!ssed off that i couldnt make this the Disco wudda fitted right inbetween these lil Clios :p

looked a good day hopefully il make the next one!
  Titanium 182
f**k I love cumbria.

Flol @ fingers in this pic!