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Curbed Alloy!

  Renault Clio Sport 182
Can anyone recommend a company whom i can trust to fix my curbed alloy wheel? Only got my pride and joy on friday and already ive damaged her!

Any ideas on how much this is going to cost me?

  Renault Clio Sport 182
Thats a good point, sorry im new to this!

Im in Hertfordshire but dont mind travelling to get an A1 job.
If it it just the outside lip, you can find a mobile wheel refurbishment company in the Yellow Pages. Got my Mini's wheels done at work and the job was excellent.
  clio williams n0.26
ive heard pristine in milton keynes are very good, not used them myself but do know of other willlams wners who got their speedlines done by them and were very happy with the results.
might b worth a look in:approve: