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DCI won't turn on! But is turning over, and then cuts out

I have a 1.5 dci 2003. I started to have issues with my car cutting out when Acceleration was applied once driving. More recently the car has failed to stop completely, but it has been turning over and few seconds of turning over and trying to start it cuts out. No matter how many times I turn the key for another attempt the same cycle repeats. Have had the AA come out and try diagnose it but there couldnt find anything on the Computer to suggest something was amiss. They have a suggested might be due to the connectors on the relays. So earlier IGot some sandpaper out and try to improve the contact but this didn't work.

I've got a good idea that I think it's coming from Fuse Box underneath the bonnet, And wondered whether anyone else had any ideas before I decide to sell the Car as it is.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
I've had almost the same problem with my 172. Turned out to be a faulty wire from the crankshaft sensor


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
At a guess its probably low fuel pressure, knackered injector or pump