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DCi80 5 questions

  2002 Clio Dynamique DCi80
I want to ask your opinion on some of the problems im having..

Car has problems starting, sometimes is starts fine sometimes it takes 3-4 or more attempts to get it going. Also the engine will cut out whilst driving - so far this has only happened within 2-3 minutes of starting the car. The car has never cut out after driving for longer than 10 minutes.

Also another very strange thing that has started happening (with all starting and cutting out problems at the same time) is when i put my key in the ignition and turn it to position 2 (waiting for the heater relay light to go out) my windscreen wipers come on! this happens just once but it is strange and its beginning to annoy me!

I have a few theories and after considerable amount of searching on the forum would like some input..

1. im gonna take out all the relays inside the engine bay and give them a clean.

2. Remove and clean the EGR Valve, anyone done this?? tips?

3. Check the glow plugs - though im not sure if this could be the problem as the engine cuts out whilst its on and my common sense tells me that glow plugs are not needed when the engine is actually on - am i correct there?? Anyway if I am wrong how do i check if they are ok?

4. Check the TDC sensor - any idea on where it is located.

5. Some of the posts with cutting out problems suggested injectors - does anyone know how to test these?

Any help on these points would really be apreciated even if you have an answer/info on one of my questions.

  2002 Clio Dynamique DCi80
Don't want to that just yet, it might be something simple. If none of the 5 points above help - garage will be the answer like you said.

In the mean time any info on the 4 questions would really help.
  185lb/ft dCi
have you got an alarm fitted? my wipers used to come on sometimes when i locked the car because the earth was bad and the power was going through the uch setting everything off.

Also about the cutting out, happened to me at 70mph on the motorway :dapprove: changed tdc sensor, cleaned + replaced the relays, nothing happened. brought it to a specialist and they found that a wire coming from the ecu to the injectors had corroded causing them to fail and the engine cut out!
  2002 Clio Dynamique DCi80
I do have an alarm (factory fitted). How can I test if the earth is bad?

What specialist did you take it to?
  185lb/ft dCi
I'm not sure where the earth is for the factory alarms (that may be where someone else can help) but on mine the earth point was near the airbag on the passenger side, just took the dash top off and could see it was abit lose, doesn't help with all the vibrations loosening it up too but I tightened it up and it was fine after that.

I took it to a specialist in my town (Doncaster, along way from London) i'd suggest having a look at all the wires in the bay if it is cutting out randomly? mine just died and there was no pattern to it, didnt matter what speed i was going or anything. It took the specialist 3 hours to find the cause of it.
  2002 Clio Dynamique DCi80
How difficult is it to take the dash top off? Might have a look if all else fails. I really hope specialist wont be needed just spent all my money on snowboarding hol in Jan.

How much did the specialist cost you?