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De- cat prices

My car passed its MOT today, At little cost im glad to say.

Anyway now im looking to put my car back to non MOT spec.

Ive been looking round for second hand decats cus im a bit skint, after finding a few in the 30 quid region including postage, i was wondering whats the going price for a second hand de-cat and would it be worth just paying that bit extra for a new one ??

Does anyone know the new price for the Hill power version ?? i couldnt find it on the sight and im to impatient to wait for the morning to phone up


Sounds like a reasonable price to me, I didnt want anything too loud so ended up plumping for a KTEC silenced de-cat, I still get some glorious exhaust popping, but its only a bit louder than with the cat in... Downside after postage and VAT it was about £80... still better than buying a new cat!


As far as I know: The HP decat does what it says on the tin. But its not SS (stainless steel) so it wont last as long as say the KTEC ones, because they are SS. Of course you have to also way up peoples preferences on sound, performance etc. I have not heared anything bad about Hill Power decats, but then again, I havent particullary heared anything at all about Hill Power decats.

But if you plan on going for a KTEC full exhaust system (which I do) I would suggest getting a KTEC decat. Better to keep it all the same if you ask me.

  Golf GTTDI 130PD

Im running a powerflow full system with replacement de-cat pipe (need to take cat off again and put de-cat back on). Sounds lovely.

Sounds like a rip off to me. Motormania stores do a cat replacement pipe for £47 Brand spanking...not stainless but hell, who sees it and are you really going to have the car THAT long?.


The case rests....nice one kmillard....just because some places claim to be CLIO SPECIALISTS, it does not give the the right to hike thier prices.

Just my opinion...good on BBT !!!

  FRST and 106 GTi

decat... 30quid???? thats +- 47€... I got made a straight pipe (same diameter of the exhaust) with the same mountigs of the cat. 13quid.

Simple task when MOT. Simple exchange decat pipe, cat bolted in, engine runing for cat to heat up, and CO mean machine here I come. :)