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debadge rear and get rid of side mouldings?

  172 cup
i was wondering if the door mouldings were mechanically attached or just glued same question for rear badges

people dont seem to realise my cup is quite nippy so was wondering if i should make it a bit more discrete? has anyone else done this? (pics please)

  BMW F31
i have a mk2 ph1 clio and im pretty sure the door mouldings and badges are all the same, the door mouldings slide off and are attached to the bodywork with clips. the badges are both held on by 2 bits that come off the back of the badge and through the boot. basically you need a bodyshop to sort you out if your gonna take em off or it'll look w**k imo ;)
  172 cup
cheers, in that case i like the badge and side mouldings,i think i will just get rid of the white wheels
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